now with more hugo

Started using Hugo for my blog. It’s pretty nice.

New knife-convert Knife Plugin

At my last job, I saw the light a while ago and switched from a monolithic Chef repo to individual repositories per cookbook. In addition, I also stopped using roles and started using role cookbooks. Converting my roles to cookbooks wasn’t a huge deal because I mostly used roles as a way of identifying server types and setting a runlist. Most of my roles also didn’t have any attributes specified and I didn’t have a whole lot of roles.

Docpad working again

So… it’s been quite a long time since I posted anything. Since my last post, I no longer work for Exlibris and am now working as a full time Devops consultant at Samsung Music in Palo Alto. Yeah… devops is an overloaded word, oh well. It’s short than System Configuration and Automation Engineer or anything else that resembles what I do. ;) It sucks being away from my home and family in NW Indiana, but at least I’m able to go home and visit every couple of weeks.

Slowly working on my new site

I finally spent a tiny amount of time working on my new docpad site and figured out how to get a tags working how I wanted them. Notice the tag cloud on the side. :) Yeah, it uses inline css. Oh well, it was the quickest way to just get it done. Now, if I can only find some time to write a post on the EBS cookbook I’ve been

New Website

I’ve decided to give Github pages a try, so that meant I needed to give a static website generator a try. I’m using Docpad right now. It seems like it has a lot of cool features and pretty easy to use. This template is pretty nice and was shamelessly borrowed from Ben Delarre’s blog.

Always keep your copy of a particular file in a git merge

I found this little gem about how to always keep a particular file untouched during merges. I can think of multiple reasons that you might want to have the same named file in multiple branches of the same repo, while each branch has it’s own unique copy of that file. For me, I have a file in a couple branches that I need to have unique information in it that doesn’t apply to the other branches.

Checking file permissions with Ruby

I just noticed today you can easily check file permissions by selecting the appropriate bits using an array format with a range. For example, if I want to make sure that the permissions of /etc/sudoers is 440, I could do the following: File.stat("/etc/sudoers").mode.to_s(8)[3..5] == "440" So, you’re converting the mode to octal format and then selecting characters 3 thur 5. Characters start at 0 from the left side of the string.

New KVM Ohai Plugin

I wrote a new KVM plugin for Ohai which gives a ton of important information about KVM guests, which is stored in the node attributes for the host. This makes it easy to find out which guests are currently on a host and other information about the guest, such as: cpu allocation, memory usage, persistence, autostart, etc. One of the things you can do once you have this plugin installed and running on the host is have the guest perform a search to find it’s host and then save that information somewhere on the guest.

Using Pagerduty's Nagios integration without the extra load

PagerDuty is awesome. We have a pretty complicated follow the sun rotation split into 3 time periods per day and 2 teams on opposite sides of the world. It would be a real PITA to manage this without PagerDuty. It’s super easy to integrate Nagios with PagerDuty. If you haven’t done it already, you can find the instructions here. The problem with PagerDuty’s Nagios integration is that their guide says it requires the enable_environment_macros variable to be enabled.

New Ohai Plugin for Linux VServer

Today I posted my first Ohai plugin to Github and put a link on the Opscode Community Plugins wiki page. I know not a whole lot of people use VServer, but hopefully some will find it useful. :) #opschef

Fixing pianobar error on Ubuntu Maverick

For anyone using Pianobar and upgrading to Ubuntu Maverick, Pianobar would no longer run and would give the error: pianobar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory The solution I’ve found is to make sure you have libao-dev installed and then run: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/{.4.0.0,.2}

Installing RubyGems on Centos 5

This should apply to RHEL5 as well, but I haven’t verified yet. The easiest solution I’ve found is to simply install Ruby and it’s dependencies and then install RubyGems from source. I’ve written a small script which installs Ruby and it’s dependencies. It then grabs the RubyGems source tarball and installs Gems from source. As I wrote this to get a working Chef install, it also adds an opscode gems source.

Changing the from field when sending email

This is simple, but I always forget how to do it when I need it and it’s hard to find on google for some reason. echo "hi" | mail -s "My Subject" [email protected] -- -f [email protected]

Dress-up your Firefox

I just stumbled across a Mozilla Labs project called Personas. It’s light-weight theming for Firefox that can be changed without restarting the browser. After you install Personas, you get a new menu entry Tools->Personas for Firefox, where you can quickly change the persona you are using. From what I can tell, Personas seem to change the your browser toolbar and menu font colors and usually add a lightweight background picture. According to the website, the project has been going since Dec 2007, so there’s a lot of Personas to choose from.

Compiling Pure-FTPD with MySQL Support in RHEL5 x86_64

I really had a hard time getting pure-ftpd 1.0.22 to compile properly witih mysql support on a RHEL5 x86_64 server. It turns out that the mysql libraries path in the configure script is incorrect. I’m not sure if this is just a problem with my particular configuration or with the way pure-ftpd tries to figure out where the mysql libraries are. In any case, I modified the configure script to use mysql_config with appropriate options to set the mysql include paths and lib paths as appropriate.

Balance Through Extremism » Redhat perl. What a tragedy.

Balance Through Extremism » Redhat perl. What a tragedy.. Wow, I wonder if any of our server have been bitten by this nasty Perl bug. It’s hard to believe that RedHat has taken so long to provide a fix for this problem.

Grooveshark -- Listen to Free Music

Grooveshark – Listen to Free Music. Just found this website tonight for playing music online for free. It’s a community based service where you can have friends to share music with. It’s kind of like and Pandora, but with a much nicer interface. It seems to load very quickly and the music seems like decent quality.

New Gentoo Home Page Coming Soon?

I saw a posting today on one of the Gentoo listservs about the recent lack of newsletters and website updates. Unfortunately, the lack of updates isn’t unusual, but I did pickup an interesting bit of information. It looks like there is a new index page coming soon to the Gentoo website. It looks like it’s just a matter of when it gets committed. The new page appears to provide automated news updates with information such as: Latest GLSA’s compilation of dev blog posts from p.g.o latest package additions The look of the page is pretty much the same as the old page.

Combine your partition space with mhddfs.

As I was browsing the Gentoo forums today, I came across a very interesting post. A user had 2 partitions on different hard drives that he wanted to combine the space on. Ok, well the interesting part was one persons reply about a new fuse filesystem called mhddfs. He pointed out an article on that explained a bit about this new filesystem and how to use it. Sure, there’s multiple ways to combine the two drives, but this one is pretty intesting.

Think You've Seen Amazing Gaming Chairs? You Haven't. [PICS]

Wow! I have to have one of these chairs! Perhaps the most amazing gaming throne you will ever see. read more | digg story

Conky now supports MOC player

So, I found myself tweaking my Conky rc file today. I’ve been using mocp for playing music becuase it’s a really lightweight, versatile and can run detached from the console. I really wanted to see my currently playing music info on my desktop in Conky, but Conky’s documentation shows no mention of any support for moc and thier are no mention of variables to use for the config. So, in doing some googling, I found a website that has a patch for moc support and also mentions that it’s been in Conky since September 28th!

Linux 2.6.28's five best features

Nice little summary of great features of the 2.6.28 kernel. I have to agree. I just installed the 2.6.28 kernel as part of my new Funtoo install a few days ago, and I haven’t run into any problems yet. I’m about to give ext4 a try. Hopefully all goes well. [excerpt] This Christmas Linux kernel release brings several great new features to Linux, and its improvements promise even more Linux

Huge List of Tips and Tricks

I can’t believe I never saw this before. Sourceforge has an absolutely HUGE list of tips and tricks. There’s hundreds of Linux tips and lots of programming tips as well.

Funtoo Articles

This is really old news, but it’s new news to me because I just noticed this. Daniel Robbins Funtoo site now has some articles on it that he recently created. Right now, he has posted some of the articles that we’ve previously seen on the IBM Developer Works website, but there’s also now a quide for installing Funtoo. Technorati Tags: gentoo,funtoo,linux

Using CPAN Unattended

CPAN is great for easily installing and updating Perl modules. I use it all of the time on my servers. It’s a lot easier than managing Perl modules through the systems package manager. The problem is, when you want to install or update a Perl module, it asks you if you want to follow and install all of the dependencies and the dependencies for that… and so on. Sometimes you want to be anal and make sure it doesn’t install any extra crap, but quite often, it would be nice to just have it install what it needs automatically, so you can walk away and do other things while it’s installing.

Quick and Dirty Linux Load Testing

Today I had a need to keep the load on a server at 20 for an extended period of time. I was doing this to test notification escalations in Nagios. So, I found a nice little program call cpuburn-in that will load a processor at 100%. It’s just a tarball with an executable and a single README file included. To run the program, call the executable and supply the number of minutes you want it to run.

Quickly get up to 5% more disk space from your ext3 volumes

I’ve seen many websites that have pretty much the same ext3 performance tips, but I just came across this one today that had something very useful on it. It turns out that the ext3 filesystem by default reserves 5% of the disk space of the volume just in case the volume fills up. This would allow the system to continue running and allow the root user to still log in and clean things up.

New Stats Plugin

So I figured what the heck, I might as well install some stats software if I ever plan on updating my blog. So, I just installed a Google Analytics plugin. Of course, I’ll have to wait a bit for it to start showing some stats.

GMN Late

I don’t know why they didn’t post this on the Gentoo front page, but obviously the October GMN is not coming. If you are on the ‘Gentoo-dev-announce’ mailing list, you would have seen Anant mention what’s going on with the GMN. Hi Folks, I’ve been extremely busy traveling & attending conferences for the last few weeks and will be required to continue the same for atleast 2 weeks more; and nightmorph is just recovering from his failed hardware.

Very Thorough Gentoo Ebook

I just noticed on planet gentoo that a developer, Sven Vermeulen aka swift, has posted a draft of his new ebook on Gentoo Linux. I couldn’t figure out a way to register to post a comment, so I thought I would post something in my blog about it. I haven’t had a chance to do much more than glance at the book, but wow! There sure is a lot of information there.

Cheat Sheets for Front-end Web Developers

In this article, you’ll find 23 excellent, print-ready cheat sheets for HTML/HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including MooTools and jQuery). read more | digg story

Upgrading to 2008 profile wierdness

At long last, Gentoo 2008.0 is out. Yeah, I know. If you already have Gentoo installed, who cares about a new release? Releases are good for the distribution as a whole. It stirs interest from people who haven’t tried Gentoo and also inspires articles on websites and magazines. Anyway… I decided to switch to the 2008.0 profile. Usually, I just delete the /etc/make.profile symlink and create a new one to the latest and greatest profile.

New Job!

After a while of looking for a new job, I finally got a new job. Well, actually, I’ve been working my new job for about 3 months now. So… I guess it’s not really a new job anymore. I’m now a full time Linux administrator with ExLibris. Unfortunately, Red Hat is the preferred distribution. That’s to be expected. Most business want to make sure they use something that’s proven and has a clear line of support.

Turbotail and multitail

I just found a couple cool programs called turbotail and multitail while searching for rbot using eix. Turbotail is just like tail, but it uses dnotify instead of auto refreshing a defined number of seconds. I always thought it was kind of silly to keep refreshing the screen searching for new content with tail. Turbotail just sits there until the kernel notifies of a change in the file that you are tail’ing and then it updates what you see.

Google Code University - Free Training from Google

Want to learn how to program? Develop in mySQL? Enhance your skills as a developer or programmer or just learn the lingo. Tutorials, lecture slides, and problem sets for a variety of topic areas including AJAX, Distributed Systems, Web Security, Languages and a ton of other great classes - at no cost! I’m glad this was posted on Digg. I found it a while ago and completely forgot about it. There is really a lot of good information there, especially some good information about distributed computing.

Powerful CSS-Techniques For Effective Coding

In this post we present 50 new CSS-techniques, ideas and ready-to-use solutions for effective coding. … There are some very nice techniques here. Item #43 is very cool. It might come in handy for a site I’m currently working on. read more | digg story

Back in Business

Hmm… So the site was down for about a week while I waited for a paycheck to pay the server bill. Jeez, paying bills just sucks. ;) You know, the more I look at this site, the more I don’t like the look of it. A while back, I thought this was a nice template to use for the site, but now it just looks cluttered and very disorganized. All I have to do now is find some free time to get things looking better.

Discussion of Foundation Status

For those of you whom haven’t subscribed to the gentoo-nfp mailing list, Alec Warner (aka antarus) just sent an informative email that explains a little more about what is going on with the foundation status. He also requests for suggestions on how to proceed regarding the foundation status. There are a number of folks working on this issue; this thread is an attempt to move conversations off of gentoo-core (internal only) and onto gentoo-ftp (a more public list).

"Problems at Gentoo" Wiki Article

There’s a wiki article that attempts to consolidate and explain a lot of the information found on the forums about the current status of various things at Gentoo. If you haven’t yet, take a look at it and contribute.

Gentoo Linux Founder Offers To Help Fix Recent Problems

There’s a poll in the Gentoo forums regarding Daniel Robbins offer today to help get Gentoo Linux back on it’s feet. Gentoo is in serious need of a leader that is not afraid to take action. Please follow the link and vote yes. read more | digg story

Daniel to the rescue?

I just saw that Daniel posted an offer to help Gentoo in it’s time of need. I really hope that the trustees and council agree and choose to help.

GWN to be revived soon?

Finally, some news on the dev list about the GWN. You need to read through quite a few posts to get the whole story. Wolf31o2 sparked the conversation with a rather grim update on the GWN status and why he hasn’t put any time into the GWN lately. The GWN is currently in a permanent state of hiatus. I have nointentions on spending another minute working on the GWN. While many,many improvements have been made in the processes for getting theautomated data, getting articles has been pulling teeth, at best.

Finding Gentoo

This is more or less a follow-up to my previous blog post Good ole Gentoo. Where art thou? Anyone can just complain about the status of things, so I thought I would provide a little help with finding out more about Gentoo and what’s going on with the distro. So, you’re a long time Gentoo user getting tired of the old stale web page that shows a 2 month old GWN as the latest news.

Holy Crap! WLW FTW

I just realized the Windows Live Writer works with other blogs, such as WordPress, etc. I thought it only supported MS blogging services. This is very cool. It seems to be a nice blog editor. I wonder if it will copy and upload this mythtv picture to my server or steal the bandwidth from gentoo-wiki? This didn’t work on my personal wordpress install, I wonder if it will publish to my blog?

Top Best 50 Ubuntu Opensource Applications For Design

List of the 50 best opensource applications for Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Fluxbuntu. I hate when people limit the title of their articles about Linux to only include Ubuntu*. Still, this is a pretty good list of apps for design. read more | digg story

OMG, No Internet

Well, my internet has been out for about a day now. This really sucks. Last night, I wasn’t quite sure what to do without the internet. I spent most of my night trying to see how many open wireless AP’s were around in my area. Hmm, what to do tonight. Tags: other

The least used page on

a guide no one has ever used. Does Microsoft seriously think ANYONE would ever follow this guide? All I have to say is, “Nice try Microsoft.”. read more | digg story

Good ole Gentoo. Where art thou?

I remember when I first started using Gentoo (back in the Gentoo 1.4 days), the community activity was just amazing. Each and every day or week, there was always something new and exciting going on in the Gentoo community. I looked forward to the GWN (Gentoo Weekly Newsletter) coming out each week, so I could try to catch up on what I might have missed or not even realized was happening.

The Most Insane Freakin' Trailer I've Ever Seen!

High school girl, ninja, yakuza… a fucking drill bra! Instant win. Now this reminds me of the recent Planet Terror movie. Looks so stupid it’s probably pretty entertaining. :) read more | digg story

What the Flock?

My last post was my first in a long time with the Flock browser’s blog editor. It has a feature that you can drag and drop images into your post and also into a section it calls ‘webclips’. I assumed that this would use the WP API to upload the image to my server when I published the post. Unfortunately, it just directly linked the image from the Gentoo website. This is very sad, because I’m sure a lot of people are using this thing to post to their blog, and they don’t realize they are stealing bandwidth from the servers that they grabbed the images from.

New NightSources

Looks like Josh Saddler (aka nightmorph) has released his own kernel package called, strangely enough, night-sources. :) It’s a very minimalist kernel source intended for x86_64 users to provide support for the new uvesafb from spock.

The Gentoo Debate Continues

_Wow! I guess I created this post quite a while ago, but I never did publish it. It’s old, but still pretty relevant. Here ya go … _ Gentoo seems to be one of the most controversial Linux distributions out there. It seems, people either completely hate it or love it. Not much middle of the road in Gentoo land. This was brought to my attention again after reading a couple articles that I ended up coming across on Digg.

Say goodbye to Microsoft today ...

Say goodbye to Microsoft today … Now this is really cool. Now you can start a Debian installation from your Windows desktop.

Wetpaint | Wiki - Create a free wiki. Many looks. No code required.

Wetpaint | Wiki - Create a free wiki. Many looks. No code required. This looks like a really nice site as an alternative to using MySpace. You can create web pages without using any code at all and the pages look pretty good. Best of all, it’s FREE! I did notice one problem though. I took a look at one persons site and it let me edit their site. Hopefully there are options to disable that.

New Blog Editors

So… I just found a couple new blog editors that work with Firefox. One is called Deepest Sender and the other Performancing. Not sure which one is better. Deepest Sender pops up out of Firefox and looks like a seperate app. I’m writing this post with Deepest Sender. You can get it here.

New Blog Editors - Part 2

…and this post is from the Performancing blog editor. I think I like this one better. Seem to have a nicer feel to it. It even supports image uploading, which is a very nice feature. It also has a section for connecting to your bookmarks. You can get it here.

A Work In Progress

So… I just got this thing setup last night. Give me some time and this will be a nice little repository for all of the stuff I end up forgetting. :)

53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without

CSS-based techniques you should always have ready to hand if you develop web-sites. Thanks to all developers who contributed to accessible and usable css-based design over the last few years. We really appreciate it. Show some Love. read more | digg story

Official Apple iPhone Website

OMG I want one of these. Looks like it doesn’t actually come out until June. So, I guess June will be a good time to buy my next phone. ;) read more | digg story

Never pay federal income tax again?

If this documentary is correct, Americans should never have to pay federal income tax again. Digg this up and let’s get this on the home page. I, for one, would love to not have to file! Wow, this is some interesting stuff. I watched about half of the video already. They sure make it sound like the Federal Income Tax is a complete scam on the American public. Of course, I never went to law school and I have to rely on hearsay and videos for my opinion.

Oh Well

It seems that really won’t let me customize the themes very much. I can’t install any addons either. I really like the admin interface, and the free blog of course. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll keep my personal blog here and create a seperate blog elsewhere for the Tips and Tricks. That way I can customize the look and feel to better suit it for the tips. Hopefully it’ll make it easier for me to post the tips, categorize them, format them better and provide better search capability.

Searching For Ebuilds In Overlays That Are Not Locally Available

With the diverse array of overlays now available to the community, one of the issues a person might have is finding that overlay that is just right for the package they are looking to install. Unfortunately, the default search capabilities of portage are only able to search though overlays that have already been installed on your system. Stefan Schweizer has written an excellent article at his Planet Gentoo blog this week detailing the workings of a tool that makes searching through remote overlays a much easier task than ever before.


I finally hope to start using this blog. At the very least, I want to start putting Linux tips and tricks in here. Most will probably be from the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, while others may be original. :)

The Search For a Good Desktop Blog Editor

Now that I have decided to start blogging regularly, I’ve been looking for a good blogging editor. I’ve tried some of the post editors that go into the Gnome and KDE panels. They are nice for quick posts, but I am looking for something more full featured. As far as full featured blogging editors go, so far I’ve only tried ones that work in Windows. Even though I love Linux, I still spend most of my time in Windows.

Using a 32-bit mplayer with 64-bit kmplayer

On amd64 systems, you can use media-video/mplayer-bin to play multimedia files that require 32-bit only codecs (win32codecs), but mplayer doesn’t look as good as the 64-bit native version and it doesn’t integrate very well with the system. KDE users can emerge kmplayer - a KDE based “front end”. If you use konqueror, kmplayer adds a plugin to the browser. For this tip to work, you will need to unmerge your native mplayer, if you have it.

29.8% of Windows XP users consider a move to Linux over Vista

A recent poll shows a good percentage of tech-savvy XP users considering a move to Linux over an upgrade to Vista. It seems Microsoft are pushing users away with more looking at using Linux than legally upgrading. read more | digg story

TV: New geek-based sitcom; airs first on the web TODAY!

UK\’s Channel 4 is airing a new comedy, \“The I.T. Crowd\“, on the web a week before it\’s TV broadcast. The I.T. Crowd is a new sitcom from Graham Linehan (Father Ted, Black Books) and producer Ash Atalla (The Office). Sounds promising! read more | digg story

Very Cool Ajax Framework

This almost seems too easy to be true, but it looks like this is a framework for using Ajax in your webpages without using complicated javascript.

Vonage to Reserve a Portion of Common Stock for Customers

Vonage announced the launch of a Directed Share Program as part of its proposed initial public offering (IPO) of common stock, which will allow eligible customers to purchase shares at the IPO price. Hmm, been with Vonage since 2003. Should I invest? read more | digg story

David's Ultimate Boot CD 2.0 4in1

Hiren’s Boot CD 7.9, Ultimate Boot CD Full 3.4, miniPE-XT 2K5.09.03, and MS-DOS 7.10 Super Boot Disk all in one CD. Amazing! read more | digg story

Website Coloring

This is one of the best sites I have seen to help with web design. I use it almost every time I open Dreamweaver. It provides color matching, color harmonies, a color calculator and more. If you ever needed help finding the right colors, this is THE place to go. read more | digg story

Free video 'flash' tutorials- These are AWESOME

This guy rocks! What the web should be about, learning, information and knowledge - and all FREE & no adds! Awesome tutorials showing how to create flash presentations simply and easily. read more | digg story

The Matrix: Explained

This guy wrote two extremely detailed analytical essays about the iconography and symbolism in Reloaded and Revolutions. Whether you loved or hated the movies, it’s a fascinating read. read more | digg story

Restaurant Sued For Playing Copyrighted Music

A restaurant is being sued in federal court by a group representing songwriters for playing tunes written by Van Morrison, Dwight Yoakam and others without a license. B-M-I says damages could reach 750 dollars per song. I understand that this is currently the law, but it is complete crap. If a restaraunt is just playing music for background noise and not directly making a profit from it, they shouldn’t have to pay royalties.

Tutorial: Hacking with Metasploit & Whax 3.0 (Bootable Linux CD)

How hard is it to really compromise a system? As an ethical hacking instructor, I get asked frequently. Simple answer - try hacking a lab system. There is real value in understanding what it really takes to defeat common security. This can’t be duplicated from listening to industry experts or simply reading books. You must try it for yourself. Pretty cool. read more | digg story)

Restaurant Sued For Playing Copyrighted Music

A restaurant is being sued in federal court by a group representing songwriters for playing tunes written by Van Morrison, Dwight Yoakam and others without a license. B-M-I says damages could reach 750 dollars per song. I understand that this is currently the law, but it is complete crap. If a restaraunt is just playing music for background noise and not directly making a profit from it, they shouldn’t have to pay royalties.

Tutorial: Hacking with Metasploit & Whax 3.0 (Bootable Linux CD)

How hard is it to really compromise a system? As an ethical hacking instructor, I get asked frequently. Simple answer - try hacking a lab system. There is real value in understanding what it really takes to defeat common security. This can’t be duplicated from listening to industry experts or simply reading books. You must try it for yourself. Pretty cool. read more | digg story)

Awesome firefox XUL example!

Searches amazon… you must see it to believe it! read more | digg story

nUbuntu Stable is OUT!!!

Get it while it’s hot! Your favorite collection of Network tools, neatly wrapped in a live CD, is out just now! read more | digg story

MPAA Steals Code for Anti Piracy Website

I just wanted to make sure that everyone noticed the hypocracy. Go to: and click ‘view source’ and see for yourself. For anyone else, I wouldn’t find it all that big of a deal. But an anti-piracy witch hunt website? Credit is all he asks for in his source code. The MPAA doesn’t give that credit. read more | digg story

(Video) 312mph (502kmh) Japanese Linear Motor MAGLEV TRAIN

OH…MY…GOD!!! You’ll love watching this video taken by the Havard Japan of Club, showing the Japanese “Train of Tomorrow” SWOOOSH past!!! read more | digg story312mph(502kmh)_Japanese_Linear_Motor_MAGLEV_TRAIN)

Hard drive recovery utilities: when you can't afford to lose that data

Just imagine this: you’ve been working on that important paper for the past 2 weeks, and you are just about to finish it. The deadline is in a few days. You save your document, go for a coffee and when you get back, your screen is black[…] read more | digg story

Optimus Keyboard February 1st!

Yes, The Optimus Keyboard, has been announced to be released February 1st 2006! Take a look, this is a awesome keyboard with great use of LED technology! read more | digg story

World's smallest power supply - the picoPSU

This thing is 120W and is barely bigger than the ATX connector it hooks into. Think of the modding possibilities! bit-tech has some close up pictures and information. read more | digg story

Student arrested for deadly F5 attack

What a joke. This is absolutely ridiculous. How can you charge a student with a felony because of the stupidity of others to do what he says? Lake County High school senior has been charged for linking to his school website ( and telling people to hit F5 multiple times, No word about survivors. read more | digg story

Just found out about I can now track my music, which is pretty cool.

First Post!

Woot! First post! Just had to do that. I think it’s a requirement for someone to always do a “Woot! First Post!” for any new forum, blog, etc. :)