It's been a while

It’s been quite a while since my last real post. Let’s just ignore that ‘Now with more Hugo’ post. :) I’ve always wanted to write about all the cool things I’m working on in my blog, but there’s just never enough time in the day. Since my last post, I’ve left my consulting position with Covestic and hired in directly at Samsung MSCA (part of Samsung SRA) as a senior DevOps engineer working on the Milk Music project.

Oh Well

It seems that really won’t let me customize the themes very much. I can’t install any addons either. I really like the admin interface, and the free blog of course. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll keep my personal blog here and create a seperate blog elsewhere for the Tips and Tricks. That way I can customize the look and feel to better suit it for the tips. Hopefully it’ll make it easier for me to post the tips, categorize them, format them better and provide better search capability.


I finally hope to start using this blog. At the very least, I want to start putting Linux tips and tricks in here. Most will probably be from the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, while others may be original. :)

The Search For a Good Desktop Blog Editor

Now that I have decided to start blogging regularly, I’ve been looking for a good blogging editor. I’ve tried some of the post editors that go into the Gnome and KDE panels. They are nice for quick posts, but I am looking for something more full featured. As far as full featured blogging editors go, so far I’ve only tried ones that work in Windows. Even though I love Linux, I still spend most of my time in Windows.