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New KVM Ohai Plugin

I wrote a new KVM plugin for Ohai which gives a ton of important information about KVM guests, which is stored in the node attributes for the host. This makes it easy to find out which guests are currently on a host and other information about the guest, such as: cpu allocation, memory usage, persistence, autostart, etc. One of the things you can do once you have this plugin installed and running on the host is have the guest perform a search to find it’s host and then save that information somewhere on the guest.

Using Pagerduty's Nagios integration without the extra load

PagerDuty is awesome. We have a pretty complicated follow the sun rotation split into 3 time periods per day and 2 teams on opposite sides of the world. It would be a real PITA to manage this without PagerDuty. It’s super easy to integrate Nagios with PagerDuty. If you haven’t done it already, you can find the instructions here. The problem with PagerDuty’s Nagios integration is that their guide says it requires the enable_environment_macros variable to be enabled.

New Ohai Plugin for Linux VServer

Today I posted my first Ohai plugin to Github and put a link on the Opscode Community Plugins wiki page. I know not a whole lot of people useVServer, but hopefully some will find it useful. :) #opschef

Fixing pianobar error on Ubuntu Maverick

For anyone using Pianobar and upgrading to Ubuntu Maverick, Pianobar would no longer run and would give the error: pianobar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory The solution I’ve found is to make sure you have libao-dev installed and then run: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/{.4.0.0,.2}

Installing RubyGems on Centos 5

This should apply to RHEL5 as well, but I haven’t verified yet. The easiest solution I’ve found is to simply install Ruby and it’s dependencies and then install RubyGems from source. I’ve written a small script which installs Ruby and it’s dependencies. It then grabs the RubyGems source tarball and installs Gems from source. As I wrote this to get a working Chef install, it also adds an opscode gems source.

Dress-up your Firefox

I just stumbled across a Mozilla Labs project called Personas. It’s light-weight theming for Firefox that can be changed without restarting the browser. After you install Personas, you get a new menu entry Tools->Personas for Firefox, where you can quickly change the persona you are using. From what I can tell, Personas seem to change the your browser toolbar and menu font colors and usually add a lightweight background picture. According to the website, the project has been going since Dec 2007, so there’s a lot of Personas to choose from.

Compiling Pure-FTPD with MySQL Support in RHEL5 x86_64

I really had a hard time getting pure-ftpd 1.0.22 to compile properly witih mysql support on a RHEL5 x86_64 server. It turns out that the mysql libraries path in the configure script is incorrect. I’m not sure if this is just a problem with my particular configuration or with the way pure-ftpd tries to figure out where the mysql libraries are. In any case, I modified the configure script to use mysql_config with appropriate options to set the mysql include paths and lib paths as appropriate.

Grooveshark -- Listen to Free Music

Grooveshark – Listen to Free Music. Just found this website tonight for playing music online for free. It’s a community based service where you can have friends to share music with. It’s kind of like andPandora, but with a much nicer interface. It seems to load very quickly and the music seems like decent quality.