Docpad working again

So… it’s been quite a long time since I posted anything. Since my last post, I no longer work for Exlibris and am now working as a full time Devops consultant at Samsung Music in Palo Alto. Yeah… devops is an overloaded word, oh well. It’s short than System Configuration and Automation Engineer or anything else that resembles what I do. ;) It sucks being away from my home and family in NW Indiana, but at least I’m able to go home and visit every couple of weeks. Hopefully this thing switches to full time remote and I’ll be thrilled. I certainly can’t complain about the weather out here except maybe to say it’s a bit boring. No rain, sunny and ~78F every day. I’ve been here for almost a couple months now, so the initial new job learning curve is gone now. I’m finally writing some new Chef cookbooks to get new things done instead of just tweaking or adding small features to existing cookbooks. I’m hoping to find time to write up some blog posts about some of the work I’m doing with Chef and other tools we’re using.


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