Discussion of Foundation Status

For those of you whom haven’t subscribed to the gentoo-nfp mailing list, Alec Warner (aka antarus) just sent an informative email that explains a little more about what is going on with the foundation status. He also requests for suggestions on how to proceed regarding the foundation status.

There are a number of folks working on this issue; this thread is an attempt to move conversations off of gentoo-core (internal only) and onto gentoo-ftp (a more public list).

Renat is currently working on getting our expired New Mexico filings so he can show them to some lawyers he knows in order to get some recent advice on how we could proceed.

See [1] for more info.

There has been talk internally about whether accepting Daniel’s offer is a good idea. I think the only conclusion we can really draw at this point is that the timeframe alloted is currently too short to make a good choice in the matter. Some people want to vote, others want more details regarding Daniel’s plans, etc.

I believe there are a group of folks working to formulate the necessary communique to Daniel to get their concerns addressed (I’m not going to list them here or leak the contents of the request but I will say it is going on).

A number of folks have volunteered to get the Foundation back in order should Daniel not grant a time extension or should the existing Trustees reject his request.

I want to try to make the point of this thread clear; I’m trying to keep the general community informed about the internal progress of what is going on. I’d appreciate useful feedback about how we could proceed on the matter.

The intention of this list is to be about the non-profit foundation; if you have problems with the distribution itself or other technical matters, please direct them to gentoo-dev or gentoo-project.



[1] http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=205905


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