Dress-up your Firefox

I just stumbled across a Mozilla Labs project called Personas.  It’s  light-weight theming for Firefox that can be changed without restarting the browser.  After you install Personas, you get a new menu entry Tools->Personas for Firefox, where you can quickly change the persona you are using.  From what I can tell, Personas seem to change the your browser toolbar and menu font colors and usually add a lightweight background picture.  According to the website, the project has been going since Dec 2007, so there’s a lot of Personas to choose from.  I guess I’m a little slow sometimes. :)

One thing that is really cool is you can visit the personas gallery and see a bunch of different personas and when you hover your cursor over a persona, your browser will temporarily use that persona.  If you want to use that persona now, just click on it and it’s your active persona.


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