Turbotail and multitail

I just found a couple cool programs called turbotail and multitail while searching for rbot using eix.

Turbotail is just like tail, but it uses dnotify instead of auto refreshing a defined number of seconds.  I always thought it was kind of silly to keep refreshing the screen searching for new content with tail.  Turbotail just sits there until the kernel notifies of a change in the file that you are tail’ing and then it updates what you see.

Multitail looks like a VERY robust way of viewing multiple files.  It can tail any number of files and supports text filtering and even syntax highlighting.

Turbotail works great, but unfortunately multitail crashes when I try to run it from my Yakuake console.  I get this:

--*- multitail 5.2.0 (C) 2003-2007 by [email protected] -*--

A problem occured at line 511 in function mynewwin (from file term.c):

Failed to create window with dimensions 55x9 at offset -27,-4 (terminal size: 167,19)

Seems to work just fine from a regular console though.  It will take me a while to actually learn all of the features of multitail.


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